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Artist Spotlight: Jon Stombres

Artist Spotlight: Jon Stombres

For Jon Stombres ’14, voice performance and choral/general music education double major, the silly old adage “Those who cannot do, teach” holds little weight. He believes in the tandem value of doing and teaching. While it is an admirable thing to make effective use of one’s skills and knowledge, it is just as admirable to

Installation explores cosmogony, the origins of art in “Cosmogony 2.0”

Cosmogony, in a few words, is any theory regarding the origin of existence or sentient beings. What is real? How did we get here? What explanation is there for our mental attributes? These are the sort of questions that endlessly torment philosophers and physicists but Carol Emmons explores these questions as an artist in her

Dan Croll creates simple yet promising debut album

“Sweet Disarray,” Dan Croll’s debut album released on March 10, is precisely what the title suggests. The lyrics and melodies offer the perfect music for a sunny spring, but the album itself is not quite organized enough musically to be truly impressive. You might remember his alt-pop hit, “From Nowhere,” which hit the charts in

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” continues Wes Anderson’s film legacy

Audiences who loved Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” and “The Darjeeling Limited” are sure to be delighted by “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” which, in my opinion, felt like a lovechild between the two. I was moved by a love story and enchanted by a depiction of a faraway land. The plotline of the film is a