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Travelogues: Amsterdam with Mara Kissinger

Travelogues: Amsterdam with Mara Kissinger

Junior Mara Kissinger. Photo by Anton Zemba. After a semester of exploring the streets and canals of Amsterdam, junior Mara Kissinger is chock-full of advice for fellow students considering a program abroad to the Netherlands. Kissinger travelled specifically through the International Education of Students Abroad program (IES) to explore Gender Studies in Amsterdam, and their

Hidden Figures: Claire Kervin

Visiting Professor of Freshman Studies, Claire Kervin. Photo by Anton Zemba. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Kervin, a Visiting Professor of Freshman Studies. This is her third academic year. She moved from Boston in 2016 with her husband Graham Sazama, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. She completed her undergraduate education at

Up-Clothes and Personal: Kiet Nguyen

Junior Kiet Nguyen. Photo by Anton Zemba. I have wildly cared about clothing my whole life. From spending hours of my childhood afternoons putting together outfits to ceaselessly chopping up skirts and dresses to make my own creations, I spent a lot of my childhood thinking about clothing. My identity has largely, and unknowingly, been

LUAPH helps manage student stress

Jessica Robyns. Photo by Anton Zemba. While the prospect of finals may be sending all of campus into a frenzy, Lawrence for Psychological Health is gearing up to bring everyone’s stress and anxiety levels down. On Saturday Nov 17, the night before finals, the club will be hosting an event at Sabin house meant to