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So What, What Does It Mean To Be You? A Look Into Maggie Bice

So What, What Does It Mean To Be You? A Look Into Maggie Bice

Junior Maggie Bice. Photo by Dani Massey. “Maybe I’m searching for something no one ever feels confident in,” Maggie Bice explained as she contemplated what motivates her to continue working on her passions, schoolwork and plans for life after college. Maggie Bice is a junior here at Lawrence University, pursuing a degree in government as

Autism Awareness Month: Being a Better Ally

April is Autism Awareness Month, which is an important opportunity for non-autistic individuals to strive to be better allies. People with intersecting identities are often left out of mainstream conversations about equity, including intersections of disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender. Neurodivergent people in particular are often spoken over and ignored in conversations about

Revolution Treehouse: Frida Kahlo

Skeleton’s Flower Crown. Art by Astra Medeiros. Welcome to Revolution Treehouse, your corner of the Lawrentian for all things creative, outspoken and changemaking! Art of every form is an evocative and efficient vehicle for political ideas, ranging from the protest music of the Vietnam War era to the graffiti transformation of confederate monu- ments during

Historically White: Lawrence University’s first BIPOC President

From the founding of Lawrence University to President Mark Burstein, the university has largely consisted of a white administration. Lawrence University was founded by Amos A. Lawrence, a wealthy merchant from Groton, Massachusetts, about 35 miles northwest of Boston. Amos was a descendant of John Lawrence, who was the first of the family to arrive