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Our Deep State is Revolting: It doesn’t have to be that way

I really have to give credit to the Republicans: they’re going so fast with this nonsense it’s exhausting. Anyway, here’s the ground assumption information you need to know right now: Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor, resigned at the start of the week over discussing sanctions with the Russian foreign minister in December. Here’s why

Is it a sport? Eat this article

This week, I examine whether or not competitive eating can be considered a sport. To be defined as a “sport,” an activity must include the following: competition between participants who are in direct opposition to each other; some level of physical and mental capacity, such as agility, strength or endurance. Competitive eating meets these criteria,

The Conspiracy Is to Make You Stop Fighting

Well…a lot has happened this week. I’ve talked a bit about how we’re in unknown territory, and how the world’s economy is based on oil and that is quickly becoming unnecessary, but the fact that the Trump administration has already begun this level of awfulness so quickly is something surprising to me. The Muslim ban

Maditude Adjustment: I’ve Heard of Hibernation, But This Is Ridiculous

These sunny days aren’t fooling me. I know the day I return to campus after break, this campus will be buried in snow and ice. I never knew how much winter could suck until I moved to Wisconsin. It’s not just the temperatures, which I admit are brutal on my Californian sensibilities, but the way

Big Ten Football Is the Best

One of the hardest questions to answer about college athletics is who has the toughest schedule. This often then comes down to what conference a team plays in, since they will face the same eight or nine teams every year. Although Alabama (SEC) remains the number one ranked team (rightfully so) in the nation by

The End Is Near: The Final Debate

The final of the three debates for the 2016 presidential election took place on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took to the debate stage in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where moderator Chris Wallace from Fox News proposed a series of topics that the candidates would discuss in fifteen-minute segments. The