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Meditations on Music: Avey Tare

“Relax in space Birds singing wise No race There is comfort for you” My friend and I tumbled out of the car onto the highway unscathed, after ricocheting across three lanes of traffic. We remained unscathed as we distanced ourselves from the oncoming vehicles and the car whose front left side was crumpled and torn,

Meditations on Music: Cloth’s “settle, repose”

The debut album from Cloth, an acoustic-electric duo of ’17 Lawrence alumni, beautifully accompanies the transition from summer to the start of the school year. At its core, Cloth is a simple project. Their music is built around and on top of field recordings from oboist Sarah Clewett’s time abroad in London — recordings of

Meditations on Music: Robin Verheyen Quartet

Every now and then, the jazz department brings in lesser-known performers for both Lawrentians and the public to experience outside of the Jazz Series. On Tuesday, April 25, the Robin Verheyen Quartet graced the Nathan Marsh Pusey room in the Warch Campus Center. While the audience was small, those there listened intently, enjoying the eclectic

Meditations on Music: April 13-16 student recitals

This week, my inability to pick just one of my friends’ performances to attend out of all of those occurring during this recital-heavy period of spring term has me covering four, via short meditations that attempt to get to the essence of the recital or identify aspects that stood out. I. Sam Pratt, tenor saxophone,