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Meditations on Music: Vijay Iyer Sextet

Meditations on Music: Vijay Iyer Sextet

Vijay Iyer Sextet pictured on stage in the Chapel. Picture by Nidi Garcia. Sometimes concerts fail to live up to the hype, even when the hype is appropriately built by many great records and even a previously seen live show. That was my experience seeing Vijay Iyer and his sextet perform in Lawrence Memorial Chapel

Meditations on Music: Ryan Keberle and Catharsis

Guest artist Ryan Keberle playing trombone on stage. Photo by Taylor Blackson. The group Catharsis is trombonist Ryan Keberle’s vehicle for his compositions and distinctly arranged covers that dip in and out of jazz roots to bring together other traditions, echoing the leader’s background of playing with musicians such as Sufjan Stevens and Maria Schneider.

Meditations on Music: Mike Truesdell

Percussionist Mike Truesdell performs in Harper Hall. Photo by Marieke de Koker. Percussionist Mike Truesdell ’07 made a return to his alma mater this past Friday with a performance that was succinctly and sensitively programmed, while also displaying his broad ranges of technique, approach and artistry. While most of the audience was made up of

Meditations on Music: Esperanza Spalding’s “Exposure”

Songwriter/bassist/vocalist Esperanza Spalding has yet again shown how energetic a creator she is. With her sixth album, she has taken a wildly different approach from those she had taken with her previous releases—and wildly different from any other artist, for that matter. Even with 2016’s “Emily’s D+Evolution,” a stark contrast to her jazz roots based

Meditations on Music: Work Friends and The Burstein Boys

While on break, two entirely different music groups near and dear to my heart released two entirely different EPs. The day after Thanksgiving, jazz rock quintet Work Friends debuted with their eponymous recording. On Christmas Eve, The Burstein Boys, a unique and comical boy band, made available their second recording, “A Very Merry Burstein Boys