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Update letters to the editor policy

Any letters to the editor received during a standard news cycle will be published in the edition immediately after the letter has been edited, revised and reviewed. The letter will appear on The Lawrentian website at the same time as the rest of that edition. If a letter to the editor is received outside of

A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to an opinion piece written by Tim Moyer, “A Critique of the Hate-Speech Policy,” published by The Lawrentian on Jan.31, 2021. Many current students have expressed concern about the opinions voiced in the piece, and while I do not believe it is my place to comment on these opinions, there is a factual inaccuracy in the article…

A Critique of the Hate-Speech Policy

For transparency purposes, this letter will remain on our website. However, The Lawrentian would like readers to know that this does not adhere to our current editorial policy, which was confirmed on February 12th in: Voices from the Editorial Board: Confirming our editorial policies. At the time of this letter’s submission, our policy was as follows:  The opinions

Letter to the Editor from Doug Martin

Dear Editors: I read Claire Zimmerman’s Lore-ence article in the January 31st edition, “Lawrence adds a new UNIC course” with some disappointment.  While the peripheral ideas, such as surveying the students of UNIC 142 before and after the course, were spot on, the core course proposal needs substantial revision.  I fault the anonymous professor for

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,   With reference to your editorial “Prioritize Student Housing” on Jan. 13, I thought it might be helpful to provide some background on the University’s work on student housing and the processes by which we plan for projects and allocate resources. You correctly note several improvements in student housing in recent years,

Letter to the Editor

To The Editor, As you are no doubt aware, the election of the next president and vice president of LUCC will occur this coming Tuesday. Having seen student interest in LUCC grow with its importance on campus, I believe this election presents us with the opportunity to place LUCC firmly on the path of realizing

Letter to the Editor: Paul Ellis

To The Editor, Hillary promises free college. Free college would cost taxpayers $350 billion over ten years and increase our national debt. Same scam as Obamacare. Hillary would give the federal government control over our higher education and ruin it too. Obama established federal government control over businesses, banks and investment firms through bailouts. Next

Letter to the Editor: Danny Davis

To The Editor, One of the strongest themes in this election cycle is the public outcry of injustice against our most vulnerable citizens, but I believe that in many ways, individuals of mental illness have been silent victims in this election cycle. The mental health of the major candidates running for office is frequently challenged.