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Transcend the blanket fort

Choosing a major and career path can be a concern for multi-interested and too-talented-for-your-own-good Lawrence students. The more opportunities for consideration, the more difficult it becomes to focus on fewer interests and pursuits, both during and after college. Occasionally I hear the advice from adults or peers that “You will figure it all out.” We

Value of liberal arts addressed in second panel

On Friday, Oct. 25, an Inauguration Discussion Panel was held in the Music-Drama Center in the Stansbury Theatre. The topic was “The Issue of Difference and the Liberal Arts.” In the panel, invited speakers included three Lawrence university professors: Dominica Chang, associate professor of French; Peter Glick, professor of psychology; and Henry Merritt Wriston, Professor

Staff Editorial: Hey, who turned off the parks?

The United States government’s last shutdown was in 1994. Last year, Congress dodged the fiscal cliff at the last hour and most experts expected an eleventh hour deal this time as well. However, as the clock ticked towards midnight, both parties entrenched themselves in their ideologies, determined to delay or enable ‘Obamacare.’ Rhetoric and threats