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Player’s Perspective: Ben Schaffzin

Previously called “What A Game!,” this column seeks to engage individuals and hear their stories of how games have impacted them as well as their views of the culture, community, content and controversy within gaming. The video gaming industry has fallen victim to a great number of corporate practices plaguing other industries. The “realistic” remakes

My people

They may annoy me sometimes. They may demand I work harder than I had originally planned and they may constantly be pushing me in every aspect of my life to do better. They may make me hand-wash more coffee mugs than anyone has ever done in their life, but I love my family. This article

Improv troop delights audience

On Saturday night, the Lawrence University Best Friends Improv Troop put on their second show of Spring Term in Memorial Hall 001. The team that night consisted of seniors Nina Wilson and Tess Bourbeau, junior Ethan Penny, sophomores Jack Thibault, Nysio Poulakos and Emma Bergholz as well as freshmen Anna White and Kelly Foy. Emceeing

On The Cusp of Enlightenment: An Advice Column

Looking for answers? In need of advice from a Taurus-sun, Virgo-moon, Gemini-rising? Think you can stump me? Email Simone at simone.a.levy@lawrence.edu with your own questions and you just might be featured in next week’s column. Dear Simone,  Should I have a child? Sincerely, Claire  Dearest Claire,  Claire, you should absolutely have a child, but before you

President Burstein’s Back, Baby

Actual photo of Burstein’s sick tat. Photo by YMCA lifeguard President Mark Burstein was recently spotted sporting some new ink on his lower back. The 22-year-old president of Lawrence University was seen lounging poolside at the local Appleton YMCA this past Tuesday. The President was accompanied by his ever-present detail of armed guards. Witnesses report