West Coast Haze 

Good girl with a devilish tongue 
Young body ripe with feminine rage 
Beauty queen with a sparkling mind 
But never been kissed like the girls her age 
And he’s everything they warned her about 
Lying in the wild grass, flowers in his long hair 
Chasing nirvana before his time runs out 
‘Cause the earth is on fire and the end is near 
Swaying in a West Coast haze 
complaining about the Kennedys 
Shouting on the corner, asking 
“who made Vietnam our enemy?” 
He knows all the things they tried to hide from her 
And she absorbs his words like blank newspaper 
Longing for a story of a fearless first time 
Longing to taste him like a reckless traitor 
A fleeting romance that died in the first draft 
The summer of love didn’t survive September 
But she still sneaks out to smoke on his memory 
Breathing fresh life into his fallen embers