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L.A. band performs for POC Empowerment Week

L.A. band performs for POC Empowerment Week

Sin Color performing to a packed crowd in Mead Witter. Photo by Taylor Blackson. On Thursday, Feb. 21, Alianza, a student organization that brings awareness to social and political issues facing Latinx students, hosted L.A.-based band Sin Color in Warch Campus Center in celebration of People of Color Empowerment Week. Sin Color’s lead singer, Crisia

Album Review: Janelle Monae’s “Dirty Computer”

Multi-genre singer/songwriter Janelle Monae released her fifth album in the spring entitled “Dirty Computer.” Along with the album, she released an “emotion picture,” a 45-minute visual album and futuristic film. This album is a continuation of Monae’s motifs of androids, technology and dystopian plots. The film itself is packed full of allusions and references to

Riepenhoff and the understated art gallery

John Riepenhoff, Milwaukee-based artist and gallery owner, talked to the Lawrence community on Jan. 15 in the Wriston auditorium. Riepenhoff, who was born and raised in Milwaukee, has a knack for starting non-traditional galleries and running art events. He attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and his art has been displayed around the world. His passion for

Guest artist wows at Wriston Galleries

The Wriston Art Gallery opened a new exhibition on Friday, Jan. 11, featuring multiple artists including faculty members such as Uilhein Fellow of Studio Art Meghan Sullivan and especially guest artist Victoria Kue. Kue’s work was featured with another emerging Hmong-American artist, Tshab Her. Kue was invited to give a presentation on her work, addressing

Sam Taylor impresses audience during “Pippin”

Senior Alex Iglinski, shown above in a checkered suit, captivates the audience with his dynamic stage presence. Photo by Taylor Blackson. This weekend, the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts presented “Pippin” on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to students and the public community. With a trippy, disorienting musical set, impressive costumes and wonderful performances by

Long awaited piano recital impresses audience

This Sunday in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel, Associate Professor of Music Anthony Padilla performed an energetic and passionate concert featuring Associate Professor of Piano Michael Mizrahi. Mizrahi joined Padilla on Symphonic Dances, op. 45 from Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. Playing for a small intimate crowd, the two pianists captured the attention of the

Film Review “Phantom Thread”

It is hard to review Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread” without being contradictory. This Oscar-nominated and winning film from 2017 is a complex, twisted story of a relationship hidden in a glamorous fashion world. The film gained attention for being Daniel Day-Lewis’ supposed last film. Though people were drawn in because of Day-Lewis, many audience