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National think tank starts up new chapter at LU

Junior Eva Tourangeau presents Roosevelt Institute to interested students. Photo by Billy Liu This year, Lawrence welcomed a new student organization, Roosevelt at Lawrence University, a newly formed chapter of the national network of policy think tanks with the same name, Roosevelt Institute. With the mission to help students create, change, research and write about

Convocation: Dr. Paul Farmer

On Tuesday Apr. 22, medical anthropologist Dr. Paul Farmer delivered Lawrence’s spring convocation, titled “In the Company of the Poor.” Associate Professor of History Monica Rico introduced him as an “internationally recognized expert on treating infectious diseases,” sharing with the full chapel his accomplishments to date, including a MacArthur Foundation fellowship and a position as

Artist Spotlight: Will Melnick

The sidewalks of College Avenue, a mountain pass, a trail through a park between dense forestry. People established these paths to get from place to place. One may see them as merely means to an end, but greater depth exists behind paths. Senior photography student Will Melnick is fascinated by the beauty and profundity of

Lawrence Prepares for Prospective Students Weekends

Every spring, hundreds of prospective Lawrence students flood the campus during admitted students weekends, attempting to make one of the more difficult and confusing decisions or their young lives. It’s up to current Lawrence students to help inform and guide them by showing “prospies” the Lawrence that we know and love, and answering their questions

Rape exists at Lawrence: Be Aware Campus Life

One bed. Two people. Too many drinks. One word is stated, no. Force is applied.  Rights are violated. This is the scenario of rape that occurs on many campuses, Lawrence included. Rape goes unchallenged on many campuses including Lawrence, producing a rape culture that needs to end. Rape Culture is an environment in which sexual

Transcend the blanket fort

Choosing a major and career path can be a concern for multi-interested and too-talented-for-your-own-good Lawrence students. The more opportunities for consideration, the more difficult it becomes to focus on fewer interests and pursuits, both during and after college. Occasionally I hear the advice from adults or peers that “You will figure it all out.” We

Too much of nothing: Academia’s apocalypse

Students of Lawrence take note: I have foreseen a minor apocalypse. Not the end of the world; it’s rather the end of meaningful class discussions. Its arrival is hailed not by Conquest, War, Famine or Death but by the Horsemen of large class sizes and overuse of the word “problematic.” Call me the new Nostradamus,