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‘Biking with Profs’ strengthens faculty, student relations

For many students, getting to know professors may seem intimidating, even with the casual ‘call-me-by-my-first-name’ teaching style adopted by most Lawrence professors. It can be difficult to break through the wall of academia and see that professors are just people. There are several groups on campus that hold events to get to know professors on

Reality doesn’t come with trigger warnings: Should our classes?

Our generation is lucky. We live in a time in which, at least in intellectual environments such as Lawrence, people work to be as considerate and accepting of others as possible. Not that there is always agreement on what it means to be “considerate” and “accepting,” but Lawrentians and others make a solid effort to

LU Intramurals: Week 5

The intramural soccer tournament at Lawrence has always been very competitive. Partly thanks to the continuous interest from senior men’s soccer players past and present, such as Charlie Mann, David Caprile, Mike Kumbalek, Simon Newsom, and many other alumni. However, a standout squad adding to the competition each year is the unique one put together

‘Dancing with the Profs’ allows students, professors to mingle outside classrooms

The Esch Room doubled as a dimly lit restaurant last Friday, Jan. 31. A deeply distraught woman sat next to an empty bottle of wine and stared intently into a photograph. So began the dance between Assistant Professor of Biology Judith Humphries and sophomore Xun Mendez at Lawrence Swing Dancers’ event, “Dancing with the Profs.”

Professors join in Dance Series piece

The fourth installment of the 2013-2014 Dance Series was held last Wednesday, Jan. 29, and featured the visiting performance duo Rebecca Bryant and Don Nichols. This group combines new music and contemporary dance, both to complement each other and showcase how dance and music can work on their own and together. The performance primarily featured