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LU Live reacquaints students with university music scene

LU Live reacquaints students with university music scene

B. Lilly performs during LU Live. Photo by Taylor Blackson On Friday, Sept. 15, five bands competed for a cash prize at the LU Live event in Esch-Hurvis Studio. The event took place right after the Activities Fair, as newly arrived Lawrentians were welcomed to campus for the year. The acts competed for 500 dollars

Window Scene: “Lunch”

SCENE, Mall Food Court. A group of college-age students sit at a circular table. STUDENT 3: History should be gayer! GROUP laughs. STUDENT 3: Throws up their hands. I’m serious! STUDENT 4: Putting their hand on STUDENT 3’s shoulder. Hon, history is plenty gay, it’s not like people just suddenly started being gay. STUDENT 3:

Window Scene: “Fortune”

SCENE, Alley at dusk. A shadowed figure looms as a group of four friends walk through the darkness.   MILLIE: And then he was all like- MARSHA: WAIT! The other girls stop and look at her. ZOE: What’s wrong? MARSHA: Didn’t we already go down this alley? MILLIE: Oh come on, Marsha, don’t be an

Window Scene: Cafe

Excerpts from an overactive imagination. SCENE, Cafe. All of the tables are empty but one, its occupants are a man and a woman. They are sitting across from each other. “River” by Bishop Briggs is playing softly in the background.   KEN: I’m only dating you ironically.   SARAH: That’s fine. (She sips her cappuccino)

Staff Editorial: What is going on with Lawrence’s music scene?

The Conservatory gives Lawrence students the opportunity to see music played at a high level by their peers. Because of the high caliber of musicianship attracted by the Conservatory, student bands also provide high-quality performances in a more informal setting. This term however, Lawrence’s live music scene has been fairly inactive, despite at least three