Window Scene: “Fortune”

SCENE, Alley at dusk. A shadowed figure looms as a group of four friends walk through the darkness.


MILLIE: And then he was all like-


The other girls stop and look at her.

ZOE: What’s wrong?

MARSHA: Didn’t we already go down this alley?

MILLIE: Oh come on, Marsha, don’t be an idiot! Of course we didn’t…

Her voice trails off as she notices the same hanging sign she’d made fun of earlier.


MARSHA: You were saying?

ALEX: Shh! Did you see that?

MILLIE: See what‽

The shadowed figure moves forward, removing their hood.

HEIRONIE: Do not be afraid, my little angels. Fate, and fortune, have brought you twice here to me.

ZOE: Whispering. She’s beautiful.

ALEX: Whispering. It’s too dark! You can’t even see her!

HEIRONIE: No need to whisper, my children. Come closer, instead.

MARSHA: Yeah, we should definitely not do that.

ZOE: Oh, lighten up, Marsha. Whispering. What’s the harm of getting our fortunes told?

MARSHA rolls her eyes.

MARSHA: You don’t even believe in this stuff, Zoe.

MILLIE bumps her shoulder with MARSHA’s.

MILLIE: Live a little, girl.

The group moves forward without MARSHA. She hesitates, then follows them.

MARSHA: Wait, you guys!

She catches up to them as they reach HEIRONIE.

HEIRONIE extends her arm to an open doorway behind her.

HEIRONIE: Enter, my lovelies.

ALEX: After you, sweetheart.

HEIRONIE: Of course. Follow me.

The group enters the doorway. It turns out to be a small, but spacious and moderately lit room.

HEIRONIE: Please, have a seat.

ZOE: Actually, we really shouldn’t stay long. Can you read all of us at once?

HEIRONIE: Oh, of course! Stand under the beads, please.

The group obeys, and HEIRONIE sits at a table holding a crystal ball.

ALEX: Muttering. This should be good.

HEIRONIE: In a deep voice. Bhfuil an tú scanraigh mo focal mar.

The group begins to look frightened.

HEIRONIE: Ná bíodh imní ort, déanfid tú thiomáint chreidiúint i mé.*

ZOE: Astonished. Oh, my god!

HEIRONIE: Yelling. Agus tú tabhairfaidh airgead dom!**

A light pops and the group screams. HEIRONIE rises.

HEIRONIE: My lovelies, I saw horrors that will try you and test you in the years to come. Boyfriends, pets, school. Here in my shop, I have protective gems. I recommend you each get one.

MARSHA: Nodding fervently. Yes, of course!

MILLIE elbows her. The two begin whispering.

MILLIE: You didn’t even believe in this!

MARSHA: I was scared! And now I believe.

MILLIE: We don’t even know what she said.

MARSHA: Exactly! Louder. We’ll each take a gem, Madame Heironie.

HEIRONIE: Blissful! I already have a set picked out for you angels.

ZOE: Oh, of course! Because you knew we were coming, right?

HEIRONIE: Belatedly. Yep! Okay, grand total will be $51.68…Are we splitting four ways?

MARSHA: No, I think it’s only right that I pay.

She pays and the group leaves with their gems.

HEIRONIE: Phew! It was getting hot in here!

She removes her wig, revealing that she is actually LORRINE.

HEIRONIE: I hope they don’t leave those chocolates in their pockets.


(Lorrine’s “speech”: *“Are you scared of my words? Do not worry, they shall drive you to believe in me… **And you will give me your money!”)