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Almost Heaven

Previously: As the world comes to an end, Lyra and Alice decide to forgo life in a bunker for one last grand road trip of the country. “I still think we’d be better off going to a Fleet Farm or something,” Lyra grumbles, sliding shut the door to their transport.   Frowning at her, Alice

Transcendent Threads

I’d be remiss to say I don’t love bright colors — how can you not? A life that is monochrome is a lonesome one, to me. Flash backward to June 2019. I’m sitting in the Seeley G. Mudd library, failing to study for my finals, when I get a text from my friend, Emma. I

Paper Mill Talk, Part Two

Anthony Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange” (1962), with its intuitive vocabulary, has inspired me to document my linguistic environments. I will write about a different environment each week without explaining any vocabulary used. My hope is that readers will gradually learn what these words mean as they read on and notice if I insert a word


I dreamt up. I dreamt it up. I dreamt for sore ears. I dreamt of songs. I supposed it sacred.  I came to. I came too. I came upon a mound. I came to the climax. I surveyed the site.   Nothing. Not a thing. No city up a hill. No city up the hill.

Transcendent Threads

I know, it’s sad. The post-Christmas retail therapy after being showered with gifts is not, by any means, a sound idea for the bank account. I’m not talking about spending the gift cards you got or making returns, I’m talking about being so sad the holidays are over that you hop online to push away