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Poultry Balls

 Chicky nuggy is a food that one eats sometimes. I like chicky nuggy sometimes. Chicky nuggy good. I haven’t eaten chicky nuggy in so long. Crispy chicky nuggy. Spicy chicky nuggy. What can you dip a chicky nuggy? Chicky nuggy in ketchup. Oooooh, chicky nuggy good. Chicky nuggy in mustard. Chicky nuggy in dijon mustard?


Previously: After Zander discovers that Spacemart manufactured his coworker Ethel in an artificial womb, they travel down to the surface of the nature preserve planet to meet with his mysterious old friend, Waylen.  Zander sent an encrypted transmission ahead to get Waylen’s coordinates, so he should be expecting them. As they approach the campsite, Ethel