LU Intramurals: Week 6


A dramatic ending to the volleyball season saw No. 1 playing No. 2 in an all-or-nothing match. The Dirty Sets, led by seniors Taylor Tomaszewski and Nick Barrett, have been impressive all season, playing the majority of matches with just two players. Porky’s Groove Machine, who was a force all season, aimed to break their second-place curse and found themselves once again in a position to take home the title.

Porky’s, with the return of their best player, senior Casey Frenz, took a convincing lead early in the first set. The Dirty Sets were near a comeback towards the end, but Porky’s held them off to take a 1-0 lead.

With some spectacular serving by Tomaszewski, The Dirty Sets won the second set, leaving a dramatic third to showcase some amazing rallies, spikes and heartbreaks. Porky’s Groove Machine lost in the final set 15-17, placing second for the third time in their tenure.



In the badminton tournament it was a complete show of domination all season long by Two Birds, One Stone. Sophomore team members Aaron Sutton and Galen Dods went undefeated through the season with a 10-0 record, never letting off the pedal in the finals. Cowards 2.0 pulled off a dramatic upset, beating Birdies in the quarterfinals two straight sets, before falling in the semis to the unbeatable Two Birds, One Stone.

The all girls team, Smashers, with juniorDani Glass and sophomore Katie Frankel were relentless in the final. Man Wolf’s, who performed at a high level all season as well, conceded the win to Smashers in the semifinal after beating Kari’s Homecooking in the quarters. The Smashers advanced to the championship with the victory. However, as done all season, Two Birds, One Stone elevated their game for the occasion, crushing all doubt by eliminating the opponent in two straight sets, thus capturing the title.



On top of the leader board all season, it seemed unlikely that anyone could touch Hannah Montana, especially in the playoffs. Last week’s round of play, however, proved everyone in the tournament can play ball well. Da Glorius Too Fresh Crew took down goliath Hannah Montana, claiming a six-point victory and the title.


– Playoff Prediction –

The Lucky Strikes have been this year’s favorites from the get-go. Although they have been cursed in the finals, as Porky’s Groove Machine has in the volleyball tournament, this year feels different. Last week, the Lucky Strikes showed their superiority as they beat third place Cobra in a fast-paced match, followed by another win against the OFFL All-Stars in one of the best intramural games in tournament history. OFFL All-Stars shocked and awed as they put on a show, pressuring the Lucky Strikes. Keeping their composure, however, Lucky Strikes kept their unbeaten streak going with a 6-5 victory.

My prediction is that Lucky Strikes overcome OFFL All-Stars once again, but with a final score of 7-4.