Friendsgiving at Greenfire brings students together

By Rachel Taber

On Thursday, November 20 at 6:30 p.m., Greenfire will be hosting an event called Friendsgiving for anyone on campus interested to relax before finals and enjoy food and friends. They will be coordinating with Co-op and SLUG for Friendsgiving, since they all have similar missions focused on sustainability.

“It’s an event that’s been held at Greenfire before winter break, so around that Thanksgiving time, where we just make different foods,” junior and one of Greenfire’s co-presidents Emily Wendorff explained. “Then, we put on an event that’s open to campus where we just enjoy those foods together. It’s a great way to meet new people, cook with other people and make something that everyone can share together.”

Anyone is welcome to the event at Greenfire, even if they are not part of any Co-op. “We encourage people to come. We’re not going to make it super publicized probably but we’re going to make a bunch of food,” co-president and junior, Isabel Dammann said. “So if people are interested in coming they can definitely come.”

In the past, Co-op and SLUG have also gotten involved and helped cook for the event. “It’s a Thanksgiving-esque dinner celebration that Greenfire hosts, but it’s usually between the three co-ops on campus,” Dammann explained. “It takes place in Greenfire’s living room, and we’re going to make a bunch of food and the other co-ops are going to bring food too. It’s just a nice, relaxing dinner at the end of tenth week.”

“We’re all co-ops that are kind of focused on sustainability, so it’s a good way for everyone to get interested in those things,” said Wendorff on the goal of Friendsgiving. “It’s a good way for them to know there are these food co-ops on campus and just kind of our goal of the food co-ops as well.”

Friendsgiving allows Greenfire and other students to share a meal with members of other co-ops and talk about the goals of their organizations.

“It’s a nice way to share food with people who have similar missions as our co-op and get together the other co-ops on campus to eat,” explained Dammann. “We don’t always have a whole lot of collaboration throughout the term so it’s nice an event where we all get together”

“Fall term is always a struggle for students just to get acclimated to campus so it would be good to see a turnout from people on campus who aren’t maybe so sure what student organizations they want to be a part of,” Wendorff explained, “and students who haven’t been over to the house yet or haven’t been involved in the sustainability groups on campus, because that would be really nice to see.”