Contamination: Help

I didn’t expect this.

I write to you today from the inside of an old rusty water container that I managed to climb into when their backs were turned.

I’m not especially optimistic at this particular moment in time.

This story started so dully.

I’m trying to write this as lightly as possible so that they don’t hear my pen.

Why did I just waste my time on that sentence?

Or that one for that matter?

I’m afraid that whoever finds this will see my compulsion to constantly write as a less-than-charming eccentricity, but right now I’m more afraid that they’ll find me, and no one will ever find my eccentricities either charming or irritating because I will be dead.

I should stop freaking out.

I should focus. I should come up with a plan.

I can’t.

I need to concentrate on not breathing too loudly.

One is passing.


One is gone but there are others. At least three. Why are there so many? If I survive this, my next article for the paper will be about investigating the goon quota at the water processing plant. Whatever it is, I bet they’re fulfilling it.


The whole place seems to be full of goons. The processing plant, the office, the grounds. I overheard one talking to another about getting his cousin a job at the plant when the plan succeeds and the plant expands.


That was when I gasped, and they saw me. They chased me, and more and more joined the chase. It was amazing I was able to make it out of the plant and into this old equipment yard.


His passing by just now forced me to stop writing and look up outside of my hiding place. I noticed how close the fence is. If I time it right, I can climb out of this safety hazard, run to the fence, climb it, and I’ll be back on campus. It will be the student garden, so my cover will be low, but maybe there will be some night gardener who will help me. Maybe someone will help me. I have to try.


Another one passed by. Do they know I’m here? Why do they keep searching? Why haven’t they given up?

I suppose they haven’t given up because when I escape I will ruin their plan. They won’t be able to poison our water supply, and they won’t be able to gain control of campus shares they need to bulldoze campus and expand their processing plant. I can stop it.


Another one.


What am I doing? Who is going to read this? They’re going to catch me. I need to do something. I have water balloons. I was going to use them to collect samples but they saw me and chased me before I could get any. I might as well use them for some kind of good.


I’m hoping this works. I’m going to stuff this into a water balloon and swallow it so, if I don’t survive, there may be a remote chance that someone will find it in the autopsy and discover the truth.


I’m still going to try to run to the fence, but now I’m even less optimistic.