Ormsby Zoo Days continues despite cold weather

On Saturday, May 14 from 1 to 4 p.m., Ormsby Hall and the Event Planning and Organi-zation Committee (EPOC) hosted its annual Zoo Days in celebration of spring. Despite the cold, windy weather, student volunteers from multiple student organizations as well as Ormsby Residence Life Advisors (RLAs) set up and engaged students in creative and fun activities on the Main Hall green. There was also live music, fundraisers, inflatable bounce houses, a grill, free treats and games. Many student organizations took this opportunity to promote their groups’ missions and philanthropic causes, whether by handing out freebies or by fundraising.

People for Animal Welfare (PAW) gave out free animal key chains. KidsGive sold baked goods to raise funds for Sierra Leone. Pan-Asian Organization (PAO) held a Pokémon “Gotta Catch ‘em All” tournament with Poké badges for the winners. Phi Kappa Tau hosted “Pie a Phi,” which is a pie-throwing contest where members get a pie to the face, as well as fundraised through selling hot dogs and hamburgers.

Gay Lesbian or Whatever (GLOW) had a color-your-own-flag station. Freshman and president of GLOW Jasper Olsen explained, “We are giving students the opportunity for sharing and learning about their identities. It is not just gay and transgender, there are other non-binary orientations. We are getting our name out there to recruit new members for next year.” Olsen admired the enthusiasm people had to participate in the activities.

GlobeMed hosted make-your-own tie-dye for $5. Junior and co-president of GlobeMed Clarissa Frayn explained that the tie-dye fundraiser was similar to the plant fundraiser for the sustainable garden in the Community of Potters in Kaligi, Rwanda. “It is fun to help people tie-dye,” said Frayn. “There are some students making tie-dye for their first time.”.
Junior and Ormsby RLA Rachel York tabled the Ormsby Hall booth, which was giving away free aluminum foil hats and vintage t-shirts found in the closet. There were five unique designs to choose from in different colors. York also commented on the talented musicians and voices at Zoo Days.

Freshman Jenn Nelson tabled forLawrence International, which was raising money for Ecuador. She said her favorite parts of the event were “the bouncing house and the jousting tournament.”

Sophomore and member of Bomb Squad Cheyenne Beckelman invited students to dip their hands in a batch of cornstarch fluid, a white substance which becomes a liquid if you apply little pressure to it, and a solid if you apply more pressure. It is also easy to wash off with water. She said her favorite part of the event was “enjoying the live music and festivities.”

There was also free cotton candy, snow cones and ice cream, which were still a hit even in the chilly and cloudy weather. Sophomore Jamil Fuller’s beautiful voice in his performance with The Experience was the highlight of the day for most of the volunteers running the booths. The volunteers had the opportunity to support their respective organizations, while the participants were able to enjoy the outdoors. The live bands had a chance to show off their talent throughout the event. Overall, Ormsby Zoo Days was a fun event and a great way to celebrate what students have accomplished and wish to achieve as the end of the year draws near.