Spooky Night at Lawrence

Event Planning and Organizing Committee (EPOC) put on their second big event of the term: Spooky Night on Saturday, Oct. 29. The event consisted of a barbeque in the quad that started at 5 p.m. and was open to all students. The movie “Scream” was shown at 8 p.m. in the Wellness Center as the second part of the event.

EPOC’s first big event was their paint party in September. “We usually do two big events a term,” sophomore Mikaela Lilly, one of EPOC’s members said. They might do it again next year since there was fairly big turnout.

This is first time they have done Spooky Night. According to sophomore Alfiza Urmanova, chair of EPOC, the event was originally going to have just the barbeque in the quad, but it happened to be on Halloween weekend, so “[they] added a scary movie.” Urmanova also said that EPOC is doing well. It has a lot of new members, and many students are partaking in the events.

As for upcoming events from EPOC, there will midnight coffee breaks set up during finals to help with studying. There will also be dorm competitions in the spring. As for the next term, those events are still under wraps, but look forward to something fun.