Post-Election Support

The final outcome of the long and divisive presidential election has given rise to a variety of emotional reactions on the Lawrence campus and around the country. For many, the results were surprising. For most, the immediate and long-term implications remain unclear. However, it is the subject of urgent and passionate discussion for virtually everyone. Combine this with the stress associated with an academic term coming to its end and it is critical that we all take time to engage in self-care. The following are a few of the options available to you on campus to do just that.

•Campus counselors through the
Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Center

•Academic support through the
Center for Academic Success

•Resources such as the Diversity Center, the
Committee On Diversity Affairs (CODA) and Sankofa House

•Opportunities for physical fitness on campus
•Visit the Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life in Sabin House

Source: Office of Diversity and Inclusion webpage