The New Kids on the Block: Cycling Team

The all-new cycling squad.
Photo by Caroline Garrow

There is a new club sports team on campus: the Lawrence University Cycling Team. This week, I sat down with some of their members to get to know the newest team on campus.

Molly Doruska: What is Cycling Club?

Lawrence University Cycling Team: LU Cycling Team is a subsidiary of Lawrence University Bike Club. LU Cycling Team is a road racing bike team that participates in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference sanctioned by USAC (USA Cycling).

MD: What inspired you to create this club?

LUCT: We were inspired to create this club-team because many of the founders/board members of LU Bike Club had an interest in bike racing and wanted to see if other Lawrence students might either already share this interest or might be interested in trying it out.

MD: When do you practice?

LUCT: Our whole team, which is about 15 people, practices together on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Additionally, half of our team practices together on Monday evenings and the other half practices together on Thursday evenings, making three practice days per week.

MD: How do you accommodate for the winter weather in Wisconsin?

LUCT: To stay out of the cold, we purchased indoor bike trainers to put our bikes on and ride indoors with LUCC allocated funding. We also have weekly indoor conditioning. The manager at the local Wheel & Sprocket bike coaches our team at the store’s indoor training facility on Sundays.

MD: What are your goals for the club?

LUCT: Our goal is to build a community where people can achieve their athletic goals and have fun with each other through competitive cycling and the training process. Our longer-term goal is to create a team that will continue on at Lawrence even after all of our founders graduate next year.

The thing I found about most prevalent theme in cycling club is the enthusiasm and excitement that each person brings. Everyone joined for different reasons and has different goals, yet they all love cycling. As I posed, “what is your favorite part about being in this club,” I got answers that really elude to what cycling team is about. Co-captain Celine Stichert said, “My favorite part about being in this club is seeing other people get excited about and become dedicated to bike racing.” Leo Mayer response was, “I want my thighs to get jacked.” Bryn Rourke concluded, “Physical pain is more fun with friends.” Claire Wiley had different motivations stating, “I like bike racing because it is a sport that you can do for a lifetime,” and “I wanted to ride with Professor Gregg.” Finally, Jason Lau added, “I like seeing everyone discover their capabilities through cycling.” The group, much like these answers, is a fun, easy going group, with a goal of creating a fun learning environment while improving their cycling skills. As co-captain Theo Arden put it, “I find it exciting to watch people get involved in and become attached to such a fun sport. On a more personal note, I enjoy the sense of freedom from riding a bike and developing the competitive and resilient mindset required for racing.” If you are interested in joining or learning more feel free to contact Theo Arden or Celine Stichert.