Super Bowl LII

NFL fans: it’s time to get your popcorn ready, because Super Bowl LII is Sunday Feb. 4th. The New England Patriots are going against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. These two teams have been dominant all season. The Patriots and the Eagles both won 13 games and lost three games in the regular season. Also, the Patriots and the Eagles both captured the number one seed in the playoffs and gained a first round bye in their respective conferences. It doesn’t get better than seeing the best play the best for all the marbles.

On a superficial level, the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl appear to be on the same level in terms of dominance. In reality these two teams are not on the same level. The New England Patriots walk into Super Bowl LII with arguably the greatest of all time to play the quarterback position, a beast of a tight end that goes by the name Gronk and Bill Belichick, one of the greatest football minds in NFL history. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles had to persevere through major injury problems all season. The Eagles lost Carson Wentz, their starting QB, to a torn ACL on Dec. 11. The Eagles’ strong defense needs to put the squad on their backs, literally, for the Eagles to have a chance to win Super Bowl LII.

I expect this year’s Super Bowl to be dominated by the New England Patriots and to be boring, to say the least. It is very hard to beat Tom Brady this time of year, and in order for the Philadelphia Eagles to have a chance at winning, their defense needs to stop Tom Brady. The headlines for this year’s super bowl have also been stagnant. Basically, the narrative for Super Bowl LII is the revolution versus the Empire. The Patriots are obviously the Empire, and Tom Brady is Darth Vader. Fortunately, for NFL fans and everyone else in the country, the Super Bowl is known for its great commercials. In fact, a lot of people only watch the Super Bowl for its commercials and the halftime show, like my mom. I am excited to see what Doritos, Budweiser, and Bud Light have in store for us this year.