Athlete of the Week: Sophia Galassini

Photo by Caroline Garrow.

Sophia Galassini is a freshman volleyball player from Maine Township South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois. Along with senior Arianna Neumeyer, Galassini has been a bright spot for the Vikings volleyball team in pre-conference play. At six feet tall Galassini plays middle and outside hitter and is a threat to score at the net on offense and defense. Galassini is being recognized for her impressive performance as a young starter in the early weeks of fall sports. She was selected to the all-tournament team at the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Tournament held at Lawrence in early September; during the tournament wshe had 23 blocks and 23 kills in four matches. Galassini talked about her performance thus far this season and her transition to life at Lawrence in her interview as the first Athlete of the Week of the 2018-2019 school year.


Wyatt Lee: What do you plan to study here at Lawrence? Would you like to get involved with any on-campus clubs or organizations?

Sophia Galassini: Government is something I’m super interested in and I’m super excited to learn more about it in my Intro to Poli-Sci class this term. That being said, I would like to get involved with the Lawrence Pre-law society and College Democrats. I am also entertaining the possibility of a double major, or at leasta  minor, in the fine arts.


WL: You’re also an artist and musician. What kind of art do you enjoy and what instruments do you play? Do you plan on being involved in the Conservatory?

SG: I am! I’m very passionate about art and graphic design.  I play both guitar and piano recreationally and enjoy singing.  For the time being I don’t see myself being involved in the Con, but that might be something for the future!


WL: As an incoming freshman this season, how has the transition from high school to college volleyball been for you?

SG: Being a student athlete all throughout high school has taught me to manage my time well. The transition from high school to college has been relatively smooth although extraordinarily busy.  Albeit, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


WL: You were named to the all-tournament team at the Associated College of the Midwest Tournament at Lawrence at the beginning of September. Can you talk about your performance at the tournament and how it felt to be recognized in that fashion?

SG: It was such an honor to be recognized, especially as an incoming freshman. Each match I do my best to just go out there and play the game to the best of my ability.  We’ve got such a young team this year and there is a lot of room for growth not only this season, but the years to come. Despite our losses, we fought hard at the ACM tournament and I’m excited to see our progression as conference gets closer.


WL: How has it been to transition from preseason volleyball to the start of school? What are you looking forward to most this coming season and year?

SG: It was great to come in early before students arrived just to get situated and figure out the lay of the land. I am definitely most excited for conference at the end of September. I am also looking forward to continuing to meet new people and learn more about Lawrence through first-hand experience.