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My Glasses Taught Me About Myself

I was prescribed glasses for the first time in my junior year of high school. The prescription was low, so most my friends just laughed when they tried them on. “Are these even prescription?” they always inevitably asked. They were, of course, but even I barely noticed. What people did tend to notice about my

What I learned from a term of Freshman Studies

On a surface level, it sounded like everything that the conceited, snooty, wannabe intellectual in me thought I wanted at a high achieving liberal arts institution: a wide array of different material, classical works, art, literature and engaged discussion between young, vibrant minds. In truth, Freshman Studies did for me what it promised. I did,

A Practical Guide to NFL Fandom

But what is football, really? One big theater of dreams, and it’s these moments, prior to the kick-off, that loom the largest, when all the fan’s dreams are still alive and intact. The Panthers, the Titans, the Vikings, the Rams…every one of them dreaming of a ring just like the Patriots, the Steelers, the Cowboys.


Lawrence wasn’t what I expected it to be. I grew up in the eastern plains of Colorado, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in the booming Metropolis of Peyton. Population: 250, where there were more longhorns than people. We didn’t have a stoplight or a gas station, but we had plenty of dirt roads

The Gaudy

My friend was, to say, always a peculiar individual. He was born with a lazy eye, his pupil and iris tilted asymmetrically towards his nose; he was nearly legally blind and wore bifocal glasses as thick as a children’s paperback. He was a wrestler, a peculiarity all its own; he tucked his sweats into his

Learners. Leaders. Lawrentians.

“Lawrentians defy definition,” the Lawrence University website reads “… there are some characteristics that all Lawrentians share. Foremost among these is intellectual curiosity. It demands active participation and collaboration with a community of professors and other students (that builds on the groundwork of Freshman Studies, a requirement of all Lawrence students). The result is the

The Time that Donald Trump United Sports

Nobody noticed. It was just preseason. Those in attendance were there for fun and overpriced hot dogs and those actually paying attention were there to witness the pinnacle of human competitive spirit. Hundreds of individuals dressed in plastic body armor were vying for a coveted spot on the most prestigious 53-man working force in contemporary