World News

Compiled by Allegra Taylor

Senegal & Gambia

On Monday, a bridge over the river between Senegal and Gambia was opened for the public. Until now, the only way across was an unreliable ferry that could take a week to get onto. The bridge over the River Gambia has been planned since the 70s, but has only just now become a reality. According to Gambia’s president, President Adama Barrow, the bridge “ends centuries of travel difficulties.” (BBC)


United Kingdom

Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala was the sole passenger on a plane that disappeared over the English Channel on Jan. 21. An intensive search has been underway since the plane’s disappearance and no trace of the missing plane has been found. Sala was on his way to Cardiff, Wales to begin training for his new team. (CNN)


A fuel pipeline exploded in Tlahuelilpan, north of Mexico City, on Jan.18, killing at least 98 people and wounding another 48. The pipe had been pierced earlier, likely in an attempt to get at the fuel, and residents of Tlahuelilpan took empty containers to the leak to collect the fuel. (The Economist)


Burkina Faso

The president nominated a new prime minister following a mass resignation last week. The new prime minister is Christophe Joseph Marie Dabire and was appointed on Jan. 19 on Burkina Faso National Television. The whole government of the country resigned together, including the previous prime minister and the cabinet. The reason for the resignations is unclear as of now. (Washington Post)



On Jan. 23, Thailand announced that it will hold its first democratic election since a military coup five years ago. The general election will be held on Mar. 24 and was signed into action by King Maha Vajiralongkorn. The elections have been repeatedly postponed by the military junta that overthrew the old government. The formalization of the new election date represents an important step towards democracy for the country. (CNN)