Staff Editorial: Thank you, Bon Appétit staff!

As the 2018-19 news cycle draws to a close, The Lawrentian Editorial Board used our last meeting to reflect on the types of stances we took on as a group over the past year. During such a politically-charged and volatile period of time, we have often used the staff editorial to view both on- and off-campus happenings through a critical—and frequently negative—lens. Contrastingly, we would like to use our final iteration of this platform to express our gratitude for all of the good in our Lawrence community; particularly, we would like to thank the staff of Bon Appétit for their hard work and for brightening our days over this past year.

Winter Term has never been a favorite for most Lawrence students, but this year has been especially tough, with weather conditions that most of us did not dare trek into. While many of us stayed holed up in our rooms, a few Bon Appétit workers braved the storm in order to ensure our health and safety. Op-Ed Editor Cassie Gitkin fondly recalled talking to Stanley about the Polar Vortex when it wreaked havoc on our campus earlier this term, and News Editor Allegra Taylor loves getting ice cream from Stanley because he always gives extra big scoops. Even though the staff had to commute back and forth between campus and their homes in the surrounding area, they still made sure to check in with many of us to make sure we were staying safe in the cold. Every day, these same Bon Appétit staff members work long hours under demanding conditions, but still project positivity onto all who interact with them.

It is hard to summarize the collective good this wonderful group of people has brought to our community. Variety Editor Claire Zimmerman was nearly brought to tears when Julie bought a bag of dog food and Deb bought a bag of treats for Zimmerman’s service dog in training. Deb told Zimmerman that the staff performed these acts of kindness simply because they like to do nice things for people. Carolyn contributed her art to a student-run art showcase recently. Distributions Manager Alex Dahl fondly recalled singing a Frank Zappa song with Sue in the cafe. Copy Editor Max Craig mentioned that his go-to treatment for a sore throat is now hot water with honey, on the advice of Deb. Editor-in-Chief Ali Shuger is particularly thankful for Pam, who has often complimented The Lawrentian’s editors and writers on their work, and recently shared with Shuger that she thinks the newspaper is better now than it ever has been.

The Bon Appétit staff is a large part of what makes this campus a community, and it is time that we tell them how much we appreciate them. As we pass the torch over to a new staff, with some new and familiar faces, we want to ask those who read this editorial find a Bon Appétit staff member who has brought some joy to their life and thank them. It has been a pleasure putting together this paper for the past year, and we hope you continue reading next term as our new staff takes over!