Fly on the Wall “Closed for Construction”

In a surprise and sudden announcement, The New London Government announced a city-wide closure. The official report talks of construction and beautification. It mentions new wildlife areas, improvements to the city’s parks and a revamp of certain tube lines. They also state that, due to the closure, they will also be closing their borders.

That is correct; after the borders are closed, New London will not be allowing people in or out. All tourists that are currently in the city have been given a fortnight to complete their holidays before they are required to leave for the impending construction. Home countries have been reassured that their constituents will be returned to them as per the U.N. agreement of 2735.

The citizens of New London, however, do not seem to be bothered. This is only speculation, of course. Intercommunication between New London residents and the rest of the world have already been suspended in preparation for the closure. As per the New London Regulations, mobile phone towers will be deactivated, wireless services will be suspended and there will be a mandatory curfew.

Though we cannot reach New London residents for comment, the international community has been more than vocal on their views of the matter.

In fact, many of those in the international community have expressed immense concern over the actions of New London. This is not the first time the actions of the city have been brought under scrutiny by the international community. When the Republic announced in 2550 its plans to reopen the city, they were met with fierce opposition, one of the biggest being the U.N., citing the dangers of the disturbed land. The project continued, of course, and the city has been on thin ice since.

It does not help that the city’s officials are constantly being accused of negligence and downright abuse of the law.

The city’s closure, as of yet, has no end date.