This is the beginning of a weekly series of updates from Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC). This week, LUCC is happy to introduce its cabinet! 


Maria Poimenidou


Majors: biochemistry and economics with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: I am afraid of the dark.

Vice President

Ghania Imran


Major: biology

Fun Fact: I’ve touched a python.

Public Relations Secretary

Kye Harris 


Majors: ethnic studies and economics with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship 

Fun Fact: I played rugby in high school and yes, it was tackle.

Finance Secretary

Hung Nguyen


Majors: piano performance and anthropology 

Fun Fact: I love spicy food because I’m a spicy person?


Nathan Williams


Majors: philosophy and something else

Fun Fact: I am currently asleep and Karl is writing this for me and Karl is the only fun thing in my life.

General Secretary

Galini Poimenidou 


Majors: biochemistry and economics

Fun Fact: My twin is the president, but I was in cabinet first so don’t come at me with the nepotism card.

Cabinet Special Project Coordinator

Meralis Alvarez


Major: global studies. Minor: Spanish

Fun Fact: I’m just here to enlighten you all and I’m having fun while doing it. I freaking LOVE to sing and LIVE for Rupauls Drag Race.


Karl Painter


Major: chemistry 

Fun Fact: I have been in four plays and only once played a male character and it was Troy Bolton.

General council is bi-weekly on Wednesdays 4:30-6 p.m. in the Pusey Room in the Warch Campus Center. 

Our committees are Student Welfare, SAASHA, CODA, CCSE and Residence Life. 

Some projects LUCC is currently working on: finalizing the list of re-recognized organizations and newly recognized organizations for the year, evaluating student organizations budgets for next fall term, getting Zoom technology for our general council meetings in Pusey so students ccan tune in live and stay up to date with LUCC, gender inclusive bathrooms and facilities are also a project ongoing right now in the Student Welfare committee.