Environmental Organization wants to hear your voice

Environmental Organization was founded by sophomore Jim Yang in Fall Term 2018. The projects they have done or are currently working on include putting compost bins in buildings on campus, removing plastic bags from Kate’s Corner Store, putting out containers for battery recycling and getting rid paper towels in the bathrooms. 

According to Yang, this club aims to improve the recycling system on campus, therefore protecting the ecological system we are living in. 

Majoring in environmental studies and piano performance, Yang noticed that parts of LU’s recycling system are deficient. For example, Kaplan’s Café was initially the only place on campus where a compost bin was available for students. In order to change that situation, Yang and other group members have put compost bins in residential halls and some academic buildings. 

These compost bins are taken care of by students who throw the waste into the Sustainable Lawrence University Garden’s (SLUG) compost periodically. This project was funded by the Student Sustainability Fund.

Additional projects have also been completed. For example, many campus buildings now have a box for battery recycle. Facility Services takes batteries to Interstate Batteries for free recycling. Yang has also negotiated with the manager of Bon Appétit to get permission to reduce the use of plastic bags on campus, as plastic bags are one of the largest sources of litter in the world and are made from non-renewable materials. 

This idea was also supported by LUCC and the wider campus as 83 out of 90 responses to the Facebook survey chose “yes” to remove plastic bags in Kate’s Corner Store and change them to reusable bags.  

The group also has future projects in the works. They intend to get rid of paper towel machines in the bathrooms. Yang is currently working on a petition to make this project possible. 

Members of this organization are expected to contribute their own ideas to improve the recycling system on campus. They will be able to create their own posters for public education and take care of compost bins. Their meeting is every Sunday at 2 p.m. in Memorial Hall 114. Everyone is welcome to participate in the meetings. 

For further questions, please contact Jim Yang at jim.yang@lawrence.edu