Lore-ence: Senior Mayhem Day

With only one week left before finals, Lawrence students are buzzing with excitement. At the peak of excitement are this year’s graduating class as they prepare to move forward with their lives. There are many celebrations and traditions that happen during the term before the big farewell and Lawrence University, as an ever-evolving school, is looking to bring a new tradition to the spotlight this year: Mayhem Day. 

Mayhem Day was thought up years ago by an alumna who wished to remain anonymous. The original concept was based off the movie “The Purge,” and any student planning on graduating in the spring would have 24 hours where there are no rules. While the movie itself wasn’t great, the alumna thought that this type of tradition would be a great way for Lawrence students to “cut-back.” The administration approved the new tradition, as they felt that the current senior class has displayed exemplary achievement and behavior throughout their years at Lawrence. They felt that it might be a good way to gauge how out of control it would get for future years.  

The very first Mayhem Day was last Wednesday. Overall, it was fairly uneventful. Most seniors used it to skip class to finish up papers and study for exams. Others who skipped class spent the day in the Viking Room with friends, knowing that it would be one of the last times in the coming weeks that they could be together with their Lawrence friends. Many students still went to class. One senior said, “Wait, what’s Mayhem Day?” after coming out of class. Another said, “Why do you think I’m at this school? I’m here to learn, so why would I waste a day of my education?” 

Lawrence University is the first school in the country to implement Mayhem Day. It is thought that Lawrence University would be good school to try it out first because it’s a relatively small school and students’ outrageous actions would be confined to the Lawrence Bubble. It also takes place ninth week so that students are aware that they’ll still need to face their peers and professors during the last weeks of school. 

Some underclassmen feel weird about the event. One freshman said, “It’s odd knowing the senior class has a free pass for a day. I would fight a man for the chance to have a free day.” Unfortunately for that freshman, by the time they reach Mayhem Day, there will be no need to fight a man. Other underclassmen are incredibly excited for their senior year so that they can participate in Mayhem Day. Many are planning their Mayhem Day schemes already.

While this year’s Mayhem Day was fairly uneventful, there is some speculation if it will escalate in coming years. This year, the senior class was notified a week in advance, making little time for planning chaotic schemes. The administration is bracing themselves for future years. With the creativity and resourcefulness of the student body, one can’t fathom the chaos future years will bring.