Student Life Department Changes

Department Update:

Campus Life has restructured into two new offices: the Office for Residential Education & Housing and the Office of Student Activities. Both are located on the fourth floor of the Warch Campus Center. This change allows our staff to more clearly focus their attention and energy to their specific area. (Residential Education: community development in the residential spaces and Student Activities: support for student organizations, student programming and Greek life)

Personnel Updates:

Dean of Students Office:

Rose Wasielewski, Associate Dean of Students & Dean of the Sophomore Class

Rose’s new office is located in the Dean of Students Office, Raymond House (Corner of Alton St. and Lawe St.), Office 203, second floor. In her new role, her primary responsibilities will be programmatic and transitional support for sophomores, transfers and first generation students as well as advisor to Lambda Sigma, the sophomore honor society and the LUCC Student Welfare Committee.

Office of Residential Education and Housing:

Amy Uecke, Associate Dean of Students for Residential Education & Housing

Amy is responsible for fostering the educational and community development programming outside of the classroom setting. In addition, Amy is responsible for the overall supervision of the department’s staff.

Bonny Sucherman, Assistant Director for Residential Education & Hiett Hall Director

In addition to her hall director responsibilities, Bonny now oversees the Community Advisor program, which staffs the residence halls with student leaders who have a specialized focus on promoting community wellness through the fostering of meaningful relationships and creation of inclusive spaces that allow for continued learning and development of the whole self.

Catherine Stern, Assistant Director for Housing

Catherine continues to manage all standard aspects of campus housing and is now a resource for student meal plans.

Shannon Featherstone, Administrative Assistant

Shannon provides administrative support for the department.

Office of Student Activities:

Greg Griffin, Director of Student Activities & the Warch Campus Center

Greg continues to oversee the Warch Campus Center and has added oversight of student activities, Greek life and the Viking Room.

Charity Rasmussen, Assistant Director of Student Activities

Charity serves as the primary point person in support of student organizations with trip & event planning, finance management and roster maintenance.

Nadir Carlson, Student Activities Coordinator

Nadir continues to advise the programming board and supports major student-led programming (Blue & White Weekend, Winter Carnival and Zoo Days).

Emily Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Emily will assist students with making purchases, reserving vehicles and getting access to student organization spaces. In addition, she will provide administrative support for the department and supervise student workers.