Staff Editorial: What to do on a rainy day

News Editor Allegra Taylor – When the weather is horrible outside I usually pick up an old video game or book that I haven’t looked at in months and then I become very confused. 

Managing Editor Alex Dahl – When I have the rainy day blues I like to stare into a SAD lamp until I’m full of Vitamin D and blind in the eyes.

Vareity Editor Claire Zimmerman – I like to kick back with a big ol’ sketchbook and cup of tea. Sitting and doodling by a rain spattered window makes me feel like I’ve bested Mother Nature herself.

Arts & Entertainment Editor Georgia Greenberg – I’m a cozy-up-and-read type of girl. I’m a make-a-cup-of-tea (sometimes just hot water and honey) and-get-under-my-weighted-blanket-and-take-a-nap type of person! 

Photo Editor Larissa Davis – I like to take advantage of my unwillingness to go outside and deep clean my living space. I can wear cozy pants, listen to some good music,and reorganize the chaos that accumulates throughout the term. It’s a productive reprieve from classwork. 

Features Editor Peter Lagershausen – I celebrate. I hate sunlight. 

Opinions & Editorials Editor Max Craig – Watching a movie is a luxurious indoor option. But if I’m feeling more adventurous, I am fortunate enough to own a massive coat. Within this half-off Eddie Bauer masterpiece, I can brave any adverse weather conditions.