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Voices from the Editorial Board: Checking in on policy and practice changes

At the beginning of Winter Term, we used this space to outline our core principles. Follow this link to read those principles, https://www.lawrentian.com/archives/1017323. As we approach the end of the term, we would now like to use this space to outline some of the changes that have been implemented since that first publication of the

Voices from the Editorial Board: Confirming our editorial policies

We published this new editorial policy in last week’s edition of the paper, but at the time it was still waiting for approval from CODA that we were as thorough as possible in our inclusion. Since then, CODA confirmed this policy and it is now published here as it will stand going forward. The Lawrentian Editorial Policy as of Feb. 2, 2021…

Voices from the Editorial Board: Revisiting our editorial policies

The opinions expressed in The Lawrentian are those of the students, faculty and community members who wrote them. The Lawrentian does not endorse any opinions piece except for the staff editorial, which represents a majority of the editorial board. The Lawrentian welcomes everyone to submit their own opinions using the parameters outlined in the masthead.

Editorial Board Announcements: Commitment to transparency and integrity

It has become apparent that The Lawrentian has been operating without a solid foundation of identified core principles and objective policies. Members of the executive team created the following statements in the hopes of uniting our staff in a shared dedication to integrity and representation and reducing subjective decision-making. This is the first announcement of