Saying goodbye to our Op-Ed editor, Lauren

This edition of The Lawrentian is the last for the 2020-21 school year and, with that, there is inevitable change. We wanted to provide Lauren Kelly, the outgoing Opinions & Editorials editor with the chance to say goodbye, and we also wanted to use this space to thank her for all the work she has put in these past two terms with The Lawrentian. Lauren, you have been a wonderful member of our team, and we wish you all the best as you head into your senior year with capstones gallore.

Lauren Kelly

Outgoing Op-Ed Editor

Though I haven’t spent the most time as Op-Ed editor, nor as  The Lawrentian Variety writer or Op-Ed writer (or paper delivery person!), I have very much enjoyed working for this newspaper! I’d say the highlights are definitely working with my amazing group of writers, meeting with the Ed Board, getting to be a (temporary) prescriptivist each week with my edits, and doing layout. This has been such a great and often busy two terms, and I am very grateful that I had this opportunity! I hope more students will get to experience the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into producing this paper each week. I still plan on writing for the paper next year, but my time as editor has come to a close…thanks, everyone — my writers, Molly, the Ed Board and, of course, readers!!