Freshman Class Representatives of LUCC 2019-2020

Hung Nguyen

“Being in the LUCC is a great opportunity for me to represent various viewpoints from my peers and bring them to the discussion. The beauty of the LUCC is the diverse pool of people from various backgrounds. My first term being a part of the LUCC is still a learning process on how to be a good representative, but more and more do I see the importance of the LUCC, how the discussion and debate we are having can profoundly shape the Lawrence experience.”

Jonathan Hogan

“LUCC, by nature of my wonderful peers and the nuanced issues we are mandated to address, has exposed me to the diversity of human thought in a very direct manner. As a result of this exposure, LUCC has led me to approach issues with a more open mind and a willingness to make compromises.”

LaDora Thomas

Photos by Sarah Navy.

“Student government has always been a part of my life, and I made it a goal to continue that path in college. So far, I have loved my time on LUCC and I hope to get more involved throughout my time at Lawrence!”

Nupur Vaghasia

“Being a part of LUCC in the very first year helped me by providing an insight into the Lawrence community. Along with the continual exploration of new things within Lawrence, I get an opportunity to voice the opinions of a freshman in the council.”