World News


A mass grave of 29 people was recently found by the Mexico National Guard on the outskirts of Guadalajara. This comes after two other graves of 81 people were found nearby just last year. Of the 29, four have been identified as people who had gone missing last year. All of these deaths are presumed to be gang-related as violence in the area continues to grow. The estimated deaths from the gang war of 2006 has increased from 40,000 to 60,000, largely due to more and more mass graves like this one being found. (BBC)


The local giant tortoise population has managed to have a rebound in recent years with over 1,800 now on the Galápagos Islands. This is in part due to one tortoise, Diego, who has an extremely strong sex drive — so much so that he is responsible for over 800 of the current inhabitants. Now, after many years away, he is finally returning to his home. He was taken decades ago as part of a breeding program when there were only two males and 12 females left on the island, but now, he finally gets to go home. (BBC)


A volcanic eruption in the Philippines has forced over 30,000 people to evacuate. Lava was shot over 1,600 feet in the sky and forced hundreds of towns and villages to be abandoned due to the ash and lava. The Manila airport also shut down for several days. The last time the volcano near the capital erupted was in 1965 and it killed hundreds of people. (CBS)


Recent avalanches and landslides in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir have claimed the lives of 62 people. While these natural disasters are relatively common in that part of the world, this is one of the deadliest years in recent memory. Dozens more are dead or missing in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan and over 100 homes have been destroyed. Additionally, in the region hit the hardest, the Neelum Valley, all of the passes have been blocked, preventing rescue crews from getting in. (BBC)


The recent bushfires in Australia have pushed the country to the breaking point. Thousands of acres of land have been burned, hundreds of homes have been destroyed and 28 people are dead. Thousands more are displaced. However, many people have started grassroots efforts to try and help combat the blaze and all of the fallout from it. Efforts have included people organizing Facebook groups that help the evacuated find shelter and beds, local businesses using their stores as supply drop points for those fighting the blaze and truckers braving the smoke and soot to deliver supplies to desperate fire fighters. (NBC)