Winter Sports Senior Spotlight

Jakub Nowak – Fencing

Major: Environmental Studies

Secret Talent: I can do the first five seconds of the Renegade dance!

Favorite Moment: Winning the Lawrence Open my sophomore year. It was amazing having my entire team behind me during the match.

Words of advice: Organize your time well, but make sure to leave yourself time to relax and unwind. Running at 110% all the time can be brutal.

Allison Kim – Fencing

Major: Biochemistry

Secret Talent: I can eat ice cream with my teeth.

Favorite Moment: There were definitely some good moments competition wise, but I think my favorite memories have been from our Fencing Banquets. We always put together a slideshow of the pictures we took over the season. It’s really great to look back on how the team grew really close and all the moments that were important to the season.

Words of advice: Focus on the things you can control, like how much effort you’re putting in and how you’re taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally!

Shonell Benjamin – Basketball

Major: Biology

Secret Talent: I can milly rock to any song. 

Favorite Moment: When our team beat St. Norbert our second to last game. We had a big crowd filled with friends, fans and family. The energy was crazy in the gym and we fed off of it. The school spirit was just amazing that night. It was fun to play that game, win, then celebrate with people we love. 

Words of advice: Enjoy every moment that is filled with blood, sweat and tears because four years fly by. Some of your best moments are going to come from being a college athlete. Work hard and have fun with your teammates!

Evan Cline – Hockey

Major: Chemistry

Secret Talent: I have a pretty flexible lower body, but my true talent is my knowledge of the US state capitals. Favorite Moment: Winning on senior night with my teammates. We beat St. Norbert’s which has been a difficult team for us to play against during my class’ four years here. It was a very fulfilling experience as a team, and I won’t ever forget it.

Words of advice: Get eight hours of sleep and show up on time for everything.

Bridget Duero – Swimming

Major: Economics and Spanish

Secret Talent: I can do a handstand into the worm. That’s probably tied with my uncanny ability to fall upstairs.

Favorite Moment: Celebrating our first and second place finish with my teammate, Erin Lengel, in the 200 free at Conference last year. And doing it again this year!

Words of advice to incoming athletes: Have fun! Don’t get too stressed about competing and remember why you love your sport.

Quinn Fisher – Basketball

Major: Global Studies

Secret Talent: I am the best NCAA Football 13 player on this campus.Favorite Moment: Beating Grinnell at home in OT my sophomore year.

Words of advice: No matter what happens, always make sure you are having fun. As D3 athletes we get no perks — we play because we love our sport. Make sue you keep that love of the game throughout your playing career.