Transcendent Threads

Since Sir Corona came to visit us in mid-March, I realized that one of the many things I haven’t been able to do was go thrift shopping. I had thrown the idea around a couple of times, but the cons always outweighed the pros in terms of remaining socially distant and safe while shopping. I’ve been using Depop to scratch my thrift shopping itch, but it’s just not the same. I tweeted out a couple of weeks ago, “Do you guys think it’s safe to go thrifting right now? LMK,” and while most people said “Yes” or, “Just make sure to wash everything after you get home,” there was one answer that truly sent shivers down my spine. Not even in a kitschy Halloween way. One of my friends responded to my tweet saying, “Imagine how many clothes you’d be getting from deceased COVID people.” Well, that made me feel many things: uneasy, sad, upset, mad and, on top of it all, unwilling to go thrift shopping. 

Recently, I’ve been reminiscing on the times and special moments I’ve had at thrift stores. Laughing with my friends at goofy shirts we’ve found or basking in the colorful sweaters. I really love doing it. So, I decided to list some of my favorite thrifted finds I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with. To begin, we have my trusty three sizes too big, black Lee Jeans. I love ‘em. They’re chunky, stained (by yours truly while bleaching my hair), sentimental and, overall, STURDY! These jeans aren’t the sexiest, but they sure do mean a lot to me. If, like, a 2004 Hyundai Sonata was a pair of jeans, it would be my stout jeans. Next, we have my turtlenecks. I can’t single them out because there’s so many, but I love my turtlenecks — pink, green, teal, blue, black and red. They help make me feel sophisticated when in reality, I’m the least sophisticated person I know. Isaac Newton definitely would have worn a turtleneck, and Simon and Garfunkel did! Name a group of more sophisticated people than that. I bet you can’t! Lastly, I want to talk about a find that is very near and dear to my heart: the illusive foot lamp. Ah, thar she blows. The tale of the foot lamp opens on a 2015 (maybe?) day where my father and I went thrifting in the city of Chicago, and he found a foot lamp. Now Kelly, pray tell, what in God’s Green Earth is a foot lamp?!? Good question! I’ll tell ya. Our foot lamp is a white, what seems to be plaster, foot that looks like it was cut off at the mid-shin. The sole of the foot faces toward the ceiling, so it has a big hole to put a lightbulb! How chic! The best part is, if you flip the pinky toe, it turns on! 

As I have been reminiscing on purchases like these in the past six-ish months, it has made me want to get back out there! I miss seeing estranged appendage light fixtures! Who doesn’t!? Luckily, although it is not the same, there are many ways to get thrifted goods online! Applications like Poshmark, Depop, Mercari and Etsy all carry unique pieces that could be thrifted! Just this summer, I purchased a blue sequined, ornate, vivacious blouse. Where else could you find such a gem! Although it may not be the best idea for everyone to go out and thrift as we usually would, there are alternatives that can tide you over until the COVID passes. The sequins, the rhinestones, the wool, the argyle, the plaid, the funky and the lace finds keep me longing for a day that I will personally feel comfortable going out and thrifting again.