Sexy boy read big book

I am. I’m a sexy boy reading big book. No more. Fifth grade and sexy boy take big book off of shelf. “Columbia History of the World” is biggest sexiest book, so I read big book. But do I read? No, I sexy. I look at page. I read word. I turn page. I read word. Big word sexy word. Me like. Me like. Sexy word big word. Me like. Me like. People must think me me sexy. People must see me me with big sexy book and say, “hmmm sexy boy.” Teacher teach say book sexy. I don’t give teachy teacher problem so bookedy book very sexy sex and me a sexy boy. Other boy no read big sexy book. Other boy no sexy because no read biggest sexiest and give teachy teacher problem. 

Mommy funny say ‘prestige reading.’ Me no know what mean. Me think mommy say funny. Me so smart. Mommy say good thing. I so sexy. Me so smart. Me the best. Me Jeopardy person smart. Me deserve big money for big funny big sexy big smart big book big reading. Me me watch “Hannah Montana.” Me me smarter than teachy teach. Me real. Me truth. Me deserve much. Me 15-minute read funny big sexy word on book. Me smartest ever. Me play video game. Me watch tellyvision. Me greatest. Me five-minute week reading biggest bookest sexy ever. Me so smart. Me greatest. 

Me have none friend. Me just too great. Me scare other with biggy big brainedy brain. Me do multiply lattice. Me read big book. Me know funny smart. Me know smart nobody else know. William the Conquerer is person. Haha me smart. War of the Spanish Succession is. War of the Spanish Succession was. Me smart. No like Charles II. Me smart. Me me tell Doge Venice cool word. Me me play smartedy smart video game. Me unlock knowledge. Me unlock smart. Me greatest. Me definitely work hard. Me me know funny word. Me me may be annoy. Only annoy because smart. Other jelly. Other jelly me sexy. 

Me know funny word. Me above feels. Me conquer feels. Me in control. I no need sad when have sexy big book. Sexy big book is me. Me is no sad. Haha. Me no need care for other. I become reward for know funny sexy book words. Me mad when no win spelling bee. Word perserverance fake. Me smart. Perservierince word ok ok me correct. Person after me ‘feudalism.’ I have video game word feudalism smart. I win spelling bee. I deserve. Hello only friend. 

Only friend we play me game. Me game place game. Say funny name of places. Me know many funny place because me like map. Me no like culture. Funny I like. Sexy funny word cool funny. Me win game. Haha. Me greatest. So funny me smart me sexy. Wow wow how I become so smart. Me me name sexy weird special. Me me last name also sexy weird special. Me have friend why. No know. Meh. 

Even me 11 grade. Read Aristophanes funny. Aristophanes good. Teacher likey me. Teacher likey Aristophanes. I read all Aristophanes. Me never see teacher once more. Me in car with funny coworker me no likey like. Funny coworker say “Guglielmo read tome.” Me no know ‘tome.’ I mad because coworker me no likey. Me likey me bookedy book cause sexy boy big book sexy. Me no even like Aristophanes, but I so smart for it. Teacher daddy smart know ancient Greek know Aristophanes. He jump on window sill funny. Me become funny. Me sexy me read like Teacher daddy funny. 

I so sexy. I no depressy. I read big book so I so sexy.