Let’s make a cost-benefit analysis. So, you’re telling me that I can spend an entire life for the benefit of making meaningfully meaningless perceived artisanal products? I won’t lie, I like the sound of that. I am fairly self-absorbitant, so it’s hard for me to enjoy anything that doesn’t fulfill my niche-requisites. I’ve even had to restructure my self-marketing to have a large supply of narrow passion for a low demand of f*cks given. I mean absolutely no disrespect but just to quibble. 

I think we need to compare the potential appreciation of being an ass just to donkey kick a foal while it’s down versus being an ass for its self-awareness. Some things no one is asking for, so you shouldn’t sell them. That’s a pretty basic piece of business advice. You are liable for selling defective products. The defense that those products were sold legally in the past is not a defense for selling them. That will not hold up in court, sadly. There is no recompense for it. 

Leaving things in the past. Interesting concept. You are free to live outside of society, you know. But you did sign in on the contract. You are a part of this. Grave robbing is an interesting pyramid scheme, but it also won’t hold up in court. Calling grave robbing archival work will not hold up in court either. Have it how you like it, though. Nobody buys your snake oil anyways. Lather it on yourself, you ran out of lube anyhow. Just don’t try and sell it to me or anyone else. 

Ok, that’s all and breaking even. Look now, it’s a broken business model, I know, but it’s not necessarily illegal. We all know there’s nothing natural about a natural history museum. There’s nothing more deadbeat than a ‘living history’ demonstration. That’s essential serpentry too, there’s nothing as unnatural and undead as these. If our friend there wants to wave their hands around, invoke the undead and call it a show, that’s their right, but nothing’s gonna happen. That’s really the key, nothing’s gonna happen and no one’s watching, so shut your mouth with your wolf-crying and your thumb sucking and your pants. 

Also, you in the pants, you do know about diversification right? Like, even though they’re losing and losing and losing, you have so much more to gain than lose from watching. Challenge yourself once in a blood moon — better yet, pinch yourself when Mercury is in retrograde. They are testing all the waters, ones under bridges you would never cross. There’s such a freedom in an interesting crash, there’s continuing interest to collect. The more you lose the more you gain. If you want to sell the same boring commodities every day, have yourself a nice, boring life, friendo, I’ll spend my time with the broken Wiccomrade. Dynamism and dynamics are the way forward, but they need dying failures on their last dime and that’s where the precipice is. 

Can you feel it? Trickling down? I’ve always loved the smell on a cold day after a nice rain. It makes me feel alive enough to let live. People are gonna fail to punch up into the clouds or down to hell, so stop pissing on them from higher ground, they aren’t even searching for it. They’re already tsunami-pissing themselves to and fro. No one’s watching and morbid curiosity comes from within not from without. Taking out loans for your new restaurant. Nothing burgers is a dish best served cold.