Do it. You’ll make do. Being a do gooder is better than being a do nothing. You could do nothing. Do the do-si-do of undoing. It’s as easy as do re mi, don’t do yourself in. I do declare, if you do the thing, you’ll do right by me. Get your to-do list done up, and we’ll go out and do what we do. Now that we’re done with that, just how do you do? You’ll do wonders compared to those do-dos. I’m done with them, those doo doo heads. What you do will do more good than harm, that’s my dharma. If you do it to them, do it for you. Do it for you, do it for me, do it for them, do it for us, I don’t care, just do. I did the math, and you did justice. Once we’re done here, and we’re done in that plane, that’ll do. There’s no way to be duped from doing. Doing what’s right sometimes is just doing. Do you think Donatello just sat down done with life, doing nothing? No he damn didn’t, he did even what he didn’t do. Delta Omega, Daedalus doing his dues all the way to the downtrodden down on their damnation — they all do. Do do do do do do, sing a happy tune why don’t ya? You’d do better having done it. You don’t always need to be doing to do, that’s what they don’t tell you. Sometimes you do without doing, that’s the paradox. Do you decide that you did? Or do you not? But didn’t you do? Hard to say what you did? Sorry, I mean that you did? Done slippeded my tongue. I’m done. Done with your shit. If you won’t do, there’ll be someone to come get it done. That’s what I’m down with. Do you think that what you are doing can be done with a clear conscience? Do you do it with idolatry or dolefulness? Do you not do with idolatry or dolefulness? The jokes on you, because you just did. What do I say? I don’t do what you do. I’m not the one being done in by the doers of good or evil, depending on what ideals you do. Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t. Do do do do do do do do do do do do. Ha doo doo. Do stop with this undoing self-screwing nihilist doing. That’s doing too, you do know don’t you? Voodoo is sure doing something, however you’re the one voodoing, voodoo themself doesn’t do, you do for voodoo. Remember, it’s still doing, just you doing not another one doing while you go undone. You’re doing. It is you. If you are doing, don’t pretend you don’t know doing. You know doing. It’s you who’s doing. There’s beauty in doing. You can doot for your domicile, making them do a dozenfold more then they would’ve done. You can do hairdos for damn certain. With the right to do list, you can do no wrong. Doing wrong is also doing, so the paradox is back, and you do, but don’t at the same time. Ok, I’m just about done here. I realize, you can’t do if you don’t be done with this document on doing, now that’s undoing. Sometimes, I do slow myself and realize doers will do what doers have done in the past. Doers will keep doing, the non-doers will realize they’ve been doing, the false doers will stop doing what they thought they did and start doing something that’s never been done before. That’s really a beautiful thing they all do. I’m done saying undone, and that’s how this will all finally be done. It’s un-undone, go off and do.