Fieldnotes from a Road Not Taken

I walked an untaken road for years

Not sorry traveling just the one

Alone, hardly looking back from fear

with faith to navigate free from tears

Below a guise of fancy or fun

There were many roads that then diverged

To draw me in, further than the last

Always different from which it had merged

A rose, a worm, some webs, some birds

But none would seem different in class

If I had glanced behind me at all

I would have seen it a road well took

Unique footsteps on a broken mall

Through, the path unique, I would not call

On exit, I note, content and shook

I was on the path well walked and worn

A path of true discovery or fear

In my mind, it’s still unclear in form

It broke my boots to a state forlorn

It brought my brain to a place now dear