Poultry Balls

Chicky nuggy is a food that one eats sometimes. I like chicky nuggy sometimes. Chicky nuggy good. I haven’t eaten chicky nuggy in so long. Crispy chicky nuggy. Spicy chicky nuggy. What can you dip a chicky nuggy? Chicky nuggy in ketchup. Oooooh, chicky nuggy good. Chicky nuggy in mustard. Chicky nuggy in dijon mustard? Chicky nuggy in grey poupon!? Chicky nuggy in honey mustard??!! Wow! Chicky nuggy in barbeque sauce? Aoooga! I would not eat chicky nuggy in ranch dressing. Chicky nuggy with mayonnaise good! Chicky nuggy can be made of soy. Chicky nuggy can be made of chicky. Chicky nuggy from restaurant. Chicky nuggy from store. Chicky nuggy from anywhere.  

Chicky nuggy with seasoning spices on it. That sounds pretty cool ya know. Chicky nuggy cold chicky could be fine too. Chicky nuggy imagine if was soggy. Would you still eat nuggy chicky? In that case, it is unclear to me in this moment whether one would. Chicky chicky nuggy time. Whomst among us? Chicky nuggy is a food. Would you like chicky nuggy? We could share two chicky nuggy between the two of us. Who among us would like a chicky nuggy to share with me between the two of us? Chicky nuggy anyone? Chicky nuggy for breakfast. Chicky nuggy for lunch. Chicky nuggy at high tea. Chicky nuggy for dinner. Chicky nuggy for certain for dessert. Chicky nuggy at midnight. 

Chicky nuggy at sunrise. I ponder the chicky nuggy between the seconds. I ponder between the minutes of the mystery of chicky nuggy. I ponder between the hours of the reality of chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy hides between the days. Chicky nuggy lives in the decades. Chicky nuggy thrives across centuries. Intergenerational chicky nuggy. International chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy flies wingless to Antarctica. Chicky nuggy zooms to Australia. Chicky nuggy breaches like a whale in the sea. Chicky nuggy launches towards Asia. Chicky nuggy teleports to Europe. Chicky nuggy exists in Africa. Chicky nuggy spans the continent called America. Chicky nuggy went global. 

Chicky nuggy across spacetime. Who could say if chicky nuggy? When chicky nuggy? How chicky nuggy? Who chicky nuggy would be the incorrect question to ask. Chicky nuggy is not an individual, but an expansive concept. Chicky nuggy is what we live and breath in a way. Chicky nuggy has always existed and will maintain past all. Chicky nuggy will be there at the end. Chicky nuggy is a way of being. Chicky nuggy is a way of having been. Chicky nuggy is the way that will be. Chicky nuggy encompasses your entire life. Every question in your life can be answered by chicky nuggy. 

Chicky nuggy has the answers. All bad is the absence of chicky nuggy. All good is chicky nuggy. Every question you have will by answered by chicky nuggy. The primacy of chicky nuggy will everlast forevermore. Chicky nuggy. I hear the word guiding me. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Into oblivion. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Delivered to grace. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Into the light. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. What a delight. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. One with all, all with one. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. One with the sun. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. I am an instrument of. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Don’t forget what it gave you. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Say it with me. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. Chicky nuggy. What does it mean?