Repeat After Me: Eat some soup

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I have developed a deep and passionate relationship with tomato soup this year. Seriously. This may sound kind of ridiculous, but tomato soup has made me feel better countless times throughout this school year. There is something so fantastically comforting about tomato soup. I know soup can’t save the world, but sometimes something as simple as a bowl of tomato soup makes me feel like I can conquer anything. 

If you don’t happen to like tomato soup, you’re probably thinking that none of what I’m about to say applies to you. While I would love to use this space to force the value and superiority of tomato soup onto you, I decided that might be too extreme. Instead, I will hopefully allow you to think about your love for soup, whatever soup may be to you. 

I have the tendency to zoom in too much on something. I get stuck thinking about only my homework, my classes or specifically only one aspect of my life. I easily forget that life is not always (nor only) about school, work and money. This is where tomato soup comes in.  

As weird as this may seem, tomato soup makes me appreciate life a lot more. As someone who doesn’t pay much attention to anything other than the stressful aspects of my life, stopping to eat a bowl of soup is more than just a break. Taking the time to eat something comforting and delicious while reflecting on my day has brought me a type of peace like no other. 

And maybe you think it’s kind of funny that I receive peace from soup. And I’ll admit that it’s kind of funny to me, too. But I think the important thing to remember is that we all find peace through different outlets. I find peace from spending time with friends and being outside on a hot summer night, but neither of these things brings me the type of peace I get from eating tomato soup. 

Peace and calmness can come in the form of something big, like knowing you have a job after graduation or being able to study a subject you love. Peace can also come in pocket-sized amounts. Peace can even come in tomato-soup-bowl amounts. While I think that large blankets of calmness and comfort are important, I hope you know they aren’t the only way to feel better. Massive changes in your life are certainly capable of making you feel comforted, but so are the little, every-day parts of life. 

So, if you ever feel caught up in the chaos and craziness of life, instead of attempting to make any major career moves or travel plans, I say you should eat a bowl of soup first. I think sometimes we get so overwhelmed with life that we forget good things come in all different sizes. Even if your life doesn’t feel like the movies right now, there are positive things that happen to you every day. Little things are just as important as big things in life. In fact, I think the smallest treats of life are the sweetest. 

While I can’t wait to score a wonderful job in the future or travel to Europe, I also can’t wait for the next time that I get to go to Panera. If we focus too much on making everything grand in our life, we forget to appreciate the tiny joys life so kindly offers us every day.  

So even though the microwavable container of Campbell’s Tomato Soup I am currently eating isn’t rated on the Michelin star scale, it’s a 10/10 for me. Because no matter how much homework I have right now, or how stressed out I am for finals, I know that I have my bowl of soup. Sometimes the most comforting things come in a can. I can truly attest to that. 

If you don’t have a strong love for tomato soup, I really hope you’re able to enjoy your own version of soup. Maybe “soup” for you is calling your mom. Or maybe “soup” is reading a good book before bed. Whatever “soup” is, I hope you don’t forget about it when all you want are big and luxurious things in your life. Know that comfort is stashed in the tiniest of places. All you have to do is look for it.  

Life is stressful and messy and unpredictable. No matter how bizarre or busy things get for you, just know that tomato soup will always be there for you. Don’t be afraid to grab a spoon and taste it.