College Ave Rewind(s): Three TV shows to kick off the fall season

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+ and many more streaming platforms are what got us through the crazy that was 2020. We went from considering buying a tiger as a pet in Tiger King, moving to North Carolina to live like a Poge in Outer Banks and boosting the chessboard sales more than they ever have before. The Queen’s Gambit made us think chess was cool for about seven hours, didn’t it? 

 With the pandemic and its ever-changing up and down moods, today, many of our lives have taken on a feeling of near-normalcy. Schools are back in session, athletes are doing their sporty thing, singers are singing and Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson competed for headlines with their respective five minutes in space.  

 After a summer of apprehensive travels of sneaking our masks down to eat when the flight attendants weren’t looking, attending festivals where we all showed our vaccination cards to security and prayed that we wouldn’t catch COVID and moshing to Steve Aoki, sweater weather is approaching. It has come time to settle down with your streaming devices and binge some new and old, yet solid shows! 

First off, Gilmore Girls! Gilmore Girls is the epitome of a fall TV show. Whether it is your first time watching, or more like your fifth, this show never gets old. The idyllic town of Stars Hollow, Conn. centers around the legend that is young Lorelai Gilmore. She raises her teenage daughter Rory in a world full of library books, first kisses, college, junk food and movies. We are introduced to lovable characters, such as Luke, the local coffee shop owner who crushes hard on Lorela; Emily, Lorelai’s manipulative and vindictive mother; and of course, the collection of boys that both Lorelai and Rory meet over the show’s seasons. Gilmore Girls is more than a classic coming-of-age story that centers on comical and heart-string tugging. It’s full of unexpected twists where we find ourselves cheering for the well-being and happiness of all the characters.  

Sex Education. A peculiar show. Certainly not one you should watch for the first time with your parents. Set in England, it tells the story of high schoolers and their parents as they go through the ups and downs of their teenage years and demonstrates the frustrations that come with the word “sex,” among other things. We first meet Otis, a socially awkward teenager with a sex therapist for a mother, who joins forces with a leather-clad outcast to make money by selling sexual advice to their peers. Through this, problems arise as the protagonists began to explore themselves, as well as romantic relationships. A witty comedy with easily relatable characters, Sex Education is a light and carefree show to enjoy, ideally without anyone near you.  

By far my favorite show I have watched this year is none other than Ted Lasso. Actor Jason Sudeikis is the genius behind the series who created, produced, and stars as our beloved Ted. This highly acclaimed series tells the story of a high school football coach from Kansas City who relocates to London after being hired to run a fútbol league. Bearing an uncomfortably large mustache, southern accent, limitless optimism and advice for miles, Lasso does not fit in with the show’s portrayal of British snobbery. A very colorful cast of characters comes together to create a hilarious, uplifting and heartwarming experience. 

So put on your biggest sweater or softest sweats, pour a cup of hot tea and get comfortable. Fall streaming awaits.