College Ave Rewind(s): An Ode to the Mailroom

Well, folks, October is now behind us and the month of November is ahead. It’s a real awkward month that separates the end of the fall from the beginning of winter. Unless you are a lovely Scorpio or Sagittarius, in which case I wish you a happy birthday, nothing really happens in November until the end. The end marks Thanksgiving and who doesn’t love eating a lot of decent food that took you and your family hours to make? And then after your guests leave you look at the mess and just decide to clean up tomorrow. Anyway, we only have a couple more weeks left of school and that is very motivating, especially for us lucky ducks because Thanksgiving also means winter break. 

This is my first term on campus where classes are live and in session and you get to sit down with your friends and eat in the dining room, so I thought that with Thanksgiving around the corner I would tell you what I am most grateful and thankful for within these past eight weeks. And while there are so many things, people and objects I could point out, there is truly one that rises above the others, so here it is.  

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but it is really really cold outside. There is no snow on the ground and I think that when it is freezing cold outside it is only right that there is snow to accompany it. At least the sun is shining, which makes our faces warm, but then the wind begins to blow and it’s all sharp and painful and that is just not it. I’m used to it though: after all, I am from Chicago, so one might think that a Midwestern girl like me would drive up to Appleton prepared for even colder weather but no, she didn’t. And I really did think I could get by wearing three t-shirts under a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks crammed into my converse for the next few weeks, but it has failed, and desperate times call for desperate measures.  

So, I introduce to you my #1 bestie lately, the mac to my cheese, the mailroom. Located on the second floor of Warch, which is also my favorite building at LU, the mailroom has my heart. Who doesn’t love the mailroom? The excitement we all feel when the Outlook ringer goes off and we see that instead of an email from a professor we have in fact received a package in the mail! The reason being is that I have been sending my parents a new text every other day saying, “Hey, I’m so sorry to bother you again but would you please send me my black puffer jacket? Thank you.” Monday, I asked for a pair of mittens, Tuesday I remembered that one really warm scarf I own and the list goes on and on.  

This leads me to go down to the mailroom constantly, to which I open the box in delight, as if it is a box of cookies when in fact it is the really thick pink and purple scarf my grandmother knitted for me years ago that I threw in the back of my closet thinking I’d never have a use for it. Well, thank you Grandma. You know you’re the best. In conclusion, my dearest mailroom, I am incredibly thankful for you, and I love you.  

I hope this article made you think of things that you are grateful for around campus, among other things. A quick shout out to the cafe’s hot chocolate, you are delicious, and I highly recommend you try it or drink it again. Talk to you next week for the Christmas edition!