Thank You

The staff of The Lawrentian want to send our sincere thank you to all those involved in the Dr. MLK Day of Service, especially those who attended and supported our event “Black, White and (Un)read: Exploring how media can avoid ignoring and/or misrepresenting minority audiences in their coverage.” We especially want to thank Garrett Singer, the director of the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change, and his staff for their work in planning the events for the day. 

We are also immensely grateful to our lecturer, Professor Tamara Buck, and our panelists Nathan Heffel ’02, Larry Gallup and Henry Sanders, Jr. for their contributions. We appreciate their time and their willingness to share their knowledge and experiences with us to help us grow as an organization. 

Thank you, too, to all those who attended the event. We are excited by the eagerness of our community to engage in dialogue about media misrepresentation as we continue to reform our organization.

To learn more about the event and our panelists, please visit the GivePulse event page.