NFL playoffs, week 2

This past weekend gifted us some amazing games. The NFL is never short of excitement, and unfortunately, some disappointments for some fanbases. Before looking into the action that will go down this weekend, let’s look into some of the teams that packed their bags this week and now look forward to the next season.

No America’s Team: A Yearly Expectancy:

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys fans see themselves disappointed after the team failed to beat the San Francisco 49ers. Dak Prescott sees his playoff dreams frustrated once again after being injured last season. Of course, there was a mix of dominance by the 49ers and a lack of good coaching by the Cowboys. While the team was completely star studded, it was not enough to beat Jimmy G and his offense. The Cowboys have once again underachieved and already look forward to the next season.

The Caged Cardinal:

After a shameful performance by Kyler Murry last night, the Cardinals have to now sit back and look at what their season has been. After being unbeatable, they went on a loss stretch, that saw superstar QB Murray, lose his mojo. Gratefully, he is a young player, and he has way more left in his tank to show. Hopefully he is backed by the fanbase and the team itself to come back stronger next season, the Cardinals have been one of the most entertaining teams this season and they expect more of the same this upcoming year.

Mayday Mayoch:

After being beaten by the officials and Joe Burrow this past weekend, the Raiders had another weekend full of problems, as has been the case this unlucky season in Sin City. They have fired Mike Mayoch, after a season that could not end worse. Clumsy decisions by this GM made the fanbase not fond of any of his actions and they seem to be rather contempt now that he is gone. Next in their concern agenda, should be the potential Derek Carr trade. Rumors have surfaced that after a rather disappointing stay with the Raiders, Carr might have to move on to play for a new team. Once LV has a new head coach, it should be known whether Carr will be gearing up in a different city or if he will remain put in the Raiders.

The Eagle that did not Fly:

The Philadelphia Eagles have been eliminated from contention. After a rather decent season by now definitive starter Jalen Hurts, the Eagles should look to rebuild their squad, and strengthen their weaknesses. Next year should be an exciting year in their conference as they look to be an improved version of the team, closer to their Super Bowl winning team.

Unfortunately, two of my predictions were off this past weekend, with both the Bills and the Rams winning their respective matchups.

This upcoming weekend packs four games, and here are my takes:

Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals:

Joey Legend took his first career playoff W last weekend against the Raiders, but he might not be having it easy against the stacked Titans. Besides 6 players placed on IR this past Monday, the Bengals will have to face one more problem: Derrick Henry activated OFF injury reserve.

PREDICTION: Even though I root for the Bengals this weekend, the Titans and King Henry will take this contest.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers:

It is an exciting week in Titletown, as the cheese heads look to take on the 49ers. Jimmy G is “slightly” injured, and Aaron Rodgers comes off a week where he’s rested, after saying he is as close to a 100% as he will get this year. Definitely an understatement after we may see A-Rod win his 4th MVP award this year. Scary hours to come in Green Bay.

PREDICTION: The Bay Area is shocked by Rodgers and the Packers; they cruise onto the NFC championship.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Tom Brady is amazing. Everyone is well aware. But he may be facing his biggest challenge this season thus far as he takes on the Rams, accompanied by their monstrous defense and a redeemed OBJ against the Cardinals. This should be an interesting match for Stafford’s squad, as Brady threw for 400+ yards earlier this season and still did not come up with the win for the Bucs.

PREDICTION (The hard take): The LA Rams are not dominated by Brady and his offense but are eventually picked apart by the 44-year-old star and are beaten.

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs: 

After a statement win by Josh Allen and the Bills, they look to take on the last two Super Bowl goers and Patrick Mahomes. Allen has been inconsistent throughout the season and his career, but Mahomes and the KC defense were nowhere to be found the first half of the season. Who will take this AFC championship rematch? Allen and the bills took the regular season game home this year.

PREDICTION: Patty Mahomes cruises and repeats his AFC Championship for a third straight year.

Expect even more excitement this upcoming weekend, as all these matchups promise to be extremely entertaining.